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  • CounterPulse San Francisco, CA (map)

In person: Mica O’Herlihy


Unpack moments of seismic shifts, tracing the intricacies of prolonged permutations, and making demands for immediate social restructuring. Dance and doubling become explorations of self-fluctuation. Pearls and bricks become tools for anti-police riots, military abolition, and handing the Centers for Disease Control over to ACT UP.

SCREENING: Full of Pride (2010) by The Wreck Family; Joan Jett Blakk Announces Her Candidacy for President (1992) by Bill Stamets; All That Sheltering Emptiness (2010) by Joey Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore; Love Under Will of the Hags of Long Tooth (2015) by Mica O’Herlihy; White Fur (2015) by Nikki Silver & Neve Be; The Personal Things (2016) by Tourmaline Gossett; Happy Birthday, Marsha (2017) by Tourmaline Gossett & Sasha Wortzel; Beige Slow Change (2012); MyMy by Anne Helme; Yellow Sequence (1963–1965) by Jack Smith and Quick Change #203 Escape #5 (2012) by Syniva Whitney.



In 2017, the City of San Francisco indicated intention to designate a portion of its Tenderloin neighborhood (a portion which includes CounterPulse and the office of San Francisco Cinematheque Cinematheque) as the “Compton’s Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual District” in reference to a 1966 protest action held at Compton’s Cafeteria, located at the intersection of Turk and Taylor Streets in San Francisco. This pre-Stonewall action is recognized as a significant milestone in queer and transgender political activism. In celebration of this designation—the first legally recognized municipal transgender district in the world—San Francisco Cinematheque is proud to present INFRARED, four nights of experimental films by and about transgender, nonbinary and gender nonconforming artists curated by transgender filmmaker Malic Amalya.

From the 1969 Stonewall Riots to Standing Rock; from the 1992 presidential election to post-apocalyptic communes: these programs showcase trans experiences, perspectives, and legacies. These films survey light refractions and the art of hair flipping, craft orifices and sites of injections into portals of transcendence, and extol anti-police riots and community uprisings. INFRARED begins with Madsen Minax’s experimental narrative, Kairos Dirt and the Errant Vacuum. Amid the post-industrial decay of the American South, a middle school lunch lady, an androgynous student, and an astrologer-life coach-phone sex operator discover a fantastic and carnal alternate dimension occupied by a transworldly apparition. Program 2: Dislocation of Existence is a collection of short films that contemplate the weight of being and disintegration of knowing. Program 3: Slow/Sheltering/Shattering features short films that unpack moments of seismic shifts, unveil the intricacies of prolong permutations, and make demands for immediate social restructuring. INFRARED concludes with Jeff Preiss’ experimental documentary, STOP, filmed over the course of sixteen years. In the tradition of home movies, STOP begins in his child’s early years and concludes in his child’s teenage years–in this case, coinciding with his child proclaiming gender self-determination.  

Earlier Event: October 16
Later Event: November 6